Sweetheart Croissant


Sweetheart Croissants are known as the messy buns. They are extremely messy to eat. The freshly baked crunchy croissants are topped with a generous layer of ganache. Inside each croissant, you will find a sweetheart filling that will ooze out with every bite. Bring a napkin with you. Or forget the napkins, you will want to lick your fingers. 

  • $16 / box of 4 (one flavour per box)

  • $14 / box when you order 2 or more boxes

  • Add-On Options:
    Mini Sweeties (10 mini croissants instead of 4 large croissants per box) - FREE by request
    Big Bellies Croissants are piped with cream. Chocolate and Matcha only) +$2 per box

Available Flavours:

  • Original Chocolate 巧克力

  • Matcha (Organic Japanese Green Tea) 抹茶

  • Coconut 椰子

  • Red Bean 红豆

September Flavour of the Month:

  • Nutty 干果
    only available during the month of September​
    get them before they are gone

Upcoming October Flavour: Ferrero Rocher 金沙


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Upcoming October Flavour

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